Sexuality, Eros, or Desire

I have difficulty finding the right heading for this section because almost every word we can think of using is problematic.

Sexuality, as an English word, was not part of everyday discourse until very recently. The concept cannot be translated easily into other languages, such as Chinese. In Chinese, sex and sexuality are often translated into the same word.

Given the fact that the term sexuality was initially used by academics and professionals in medicine and social sciences, it often carries the connotations or semantic categories associated with these empirical disciplines.

I have attempted to use alternative words such as eros and desire, but they also come with their own set of problems as well.

Taking refuge in Western ideas such as indexicality and the hermeneutical circle, I guess I can start a dialogue on this yet-to-be-defined topic by using these words loosely, and hopefully we will gain a better understanding of the subject matter while the language we use as a tool is also refined.