Corporate Training and Management Consultant

The workplace is an important domain in our life-world. A positive workplace contributes to the well-being of both the worker and the organization. Dr. Tsang’s management philosophy embraces the value of humanity and wellness, active learning and development, as well as all-win design (AWD).

A key purpose of an organization is to address human needs through the production of goods and services. A healthy organization is one that creates a positive environment for workers and participants (e.g., customers, suppliers, shareholders, board members, volunteers and collaborators) to apply their knowledge, skills, and talents while they continue to learn and develop. Work can be enjoyable, meaningful, and fulfilling. Workers and participants are to be respected and valued as human beings, and their well-being can be an integral part of the organization’s agenda. A good manager is someone who has a vision beyond the current bottom line, and strives towards building a healthy organization.

Active learning and development is a collaborative process involving all members of an organization. Whereas the learning and mastery of knowledge and skills contribute to the production of quality goods and services, members of the organization should experience personal growth, and derive satisfaction from the learning and development process.

The needs and interests of workers and other participants of an organization may appear to be different. More often than not, creative designs can reconcile and integrate the divergent needs, circumstances, characteristics, and capacities of all parties involved. AWD (all-win design) is a management strategy that takes multiple contingencies into account, mobilizing the positive strives of all parties.

Dr. Tsang’s training and consulting work in this area is draws upon the SSLD System he has developed, based on over three decades of practice experience.

Dr. Tsang has conducted numerous training workshops as well as organizational development consultation sessions for corporations internationally. His clients include major multinational firms and organizations. Consultation areas include:

  • Team building
  • Coaching of management staff
  • Recruitment of senior executive
  • Organizational performance review
  • Cross-cultural communication and collaboration
  • Facilitating Board of Directors collaboration, function, and leadership
  • Knowledge management and development
  • Mental health in the workplace
  • Personal Finance, investment, and well-being